Easter Candy Fundraiser


Hi everyone!
Last Call for the Teal Tea Foundation's First Annual On Line Easter Candy Fundraiser featuring delicious Sarris Candies!  Your delicious experience shopping for Easter Candy and other sweet treats couldn't be easier with the large online selection.
You can not only shop for Easter Candy but also any other selections on the http://www.sarriscandiesfundraising.com site.  And,  the best part is, each time you shop for your treats Teal Tea Foundation receives 25%.  SWEEEEET!
Here's how to get started on your Easter Candy Spree:
  • Click on the Online Ordering tab and click on Products.
  • There should be a box on the order page with :Teal Tea Foundationin the box.
  • Verify that the Teal Tea Foundation box is on your order page.
  • When you click on a product a box pops up and you enter the Group ID# of 10-3798 and start shopping.
  • Chat is available if you have a problem.
Customers can order any items available for purchase on the website - not just Easter Candy!  There are over 100+ delicious treats available to order.  And, it's all online!  Easy, right!
Please share this fundraiser information about the Teal Tea Foundation On Line Easter Candy Fundraiser with your family friends, co-workers - the more the merrier! (Organization Name:  Teal Tea Foundation; Group ID#: 10-3798)
Just remember to place your candy orders as soon as possible because the Easter Candy Fundraiser ends on March 29, 2021 so orders can ship in time for Easter.
Hoppy Shopping and thank you for supporting the Teal Tea Foundation.  Proceeds go to raising awareness of ovarian cancer and research for a cure!

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